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Winter storm causes cracked windshields in Metro Atlanta


Have you seen cracked windshields around lately? If so, it was yet another casualty from last week's winter storm.

Never ending deliveries and a steady diet of vehicles was the story at Sunnyside Glass in Griffin as they continue to repair cracked or shattered windshields.

They are fixing literally dozens of busted windshields a day.

Employee Jason Gaspard has been at this for 13 years now. He's seen a lot in the windshield repair business.

Thankfully it's a quick and easy process for most customers.

"I have an extractor cut it out, clean it, get the glue off. Then I get the windshield off the rack, clean it, run glue, set the windshield in place, tape it up. Don't take too long," Gaspard said.

He says the main culprit this time around was icy weather, cold temperatures and then direct heat applied to the windshields.

Adam Bence had a similar encounter with his windshield last week while out in the ice storm repairing generators.

"We cut on the defroster cause we had snow on the windshield, and it cracked it all the way around where the defroster is," Bence said.

Apparently the winter storm provided a bonus to Sunnyside, as they say their busiest time of year is actually the summer.

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