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Road crews prepare for winter storm while watching salt supply

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Road crews are working to prepare for this week's winter storm, and it's a mix of pothole patching and pretreatment to keep roads drivable.

The big goal for city crews Monday was to fix potholes before the storm hits, but crews were unable to get to all of them. It may have been a bad winter for northwest Ohio drivers, but it has also been a bad winter for city crews.

"It has been a tough, tough winter. Our guys and gals have been working, you know, almost around the clock since Jan. 2," said David Welch, commissioner of Toledo Streets, Bridges and Harbor.

Crews were also busy filling their trucks with salt. Once the sun sets, they will start using a brine treatment on the roads. The city is tapping into an already dwindling salt supply, but could receive some help from the state, including 25,000 tons of salt.

City officials say in the past, they have helped other areas that run low on salt, but now they have to conserve for themselves. So far, this winter has used more salt than the average season.

"We have used about 42,000 tons. And we use about 30-36,000 in a season. So we've used more salt than we normally do. We've used - in the month of January - almost as much salt that we have used in the last two years," explained Welch.

Additionally, ODOT officials say they have already used more than the average amount of salt, and will keep an eye on supplies to make sure they don't run out.

Toledo workers are still on 12-hour shifts from last weekend's snowstorm. The work's price tag keeps growing with each storm.

"Not all the numbers are in, but this will be probably the most expensive month ever for snow and ice control. It is going to top over a million, million and a half," said Welch.

ODOT crews were conducting similar preparations Monday, but on highways, fixing potholes during the day, with a plan of laying down brine at night. They will wait until Tuesday to start calling 12-hour shifts.

Any vehicle can fall victim to dangerous potholes that continue to pop up around northwest Ohio. That's why we're getting involved. We're putting a spotlight on bad roads to help identify problem areas and get them fixed. Learn more in our Pothole Patrol section.

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