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Henrico fire officials warns about icy ponds after girl falls in creek


A 9-year-old girl is still fighting for her life after falling through the ice in a pond behind her home.

The pond in eastern Henrico is still covered with thin sheets of ice. Part of that ice was broken Sunday when the 9-year-old girl was found submerged under the cold water.

It took crews about eight minutes to get onto the ice and save the girl. That daring rescue faced obstacles after they placed a ladder on top of the ice.

"In the process of going out, his weight caused the ice to break and he fell into the water also," said Captain Danny Rosenbaum with the Henrico Fire Department.

The officer was treated for hypothermia. Rosenbaum says it takes less than three minutes for ice-cold water like this to take its toll on the human body. All the more reason for parents to inform their children about the dangers of icy bodies of water - none of them are safe to skate or stand on.

"You may have some areas that are able to support your weight and you can walk on them, whereas other areas of ice are weaker and thinner and you can fall through," Captain Rosenbaum said.

"It is really sad, a lot of times there is just not a lot for kids to do out here, so all they can do is just play in an open field, there is no playground for them to play on, so I just really feel for the kids," April Cunio said.

Cunio lives down the street from where the incident happened. She says while children need to be careful, there needs to be more options so that young children can avoid dangers like icy ponds.

"They have a huge open field, about two or three acres worth, they can build them a nice playground over there, something safe," Cunio said.

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