Witness describes hearing garage door open seconds before Sunday's flames

Tracy Bishop on the scene
Tracy Bishop on the scene

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - On the day of the fire that resulted in the deaths of two Toledo firefighters, one witness described what she heard as the fire began.

"I heard the garage door open, my apartment's right behind the garage. So I heard the garage door open, which is typical 'cause they go in and out of there, and then I heard it shut [...] I looked up and I could see the flames coming through the ceiling. So I told my boyfriend, 'Come on get out! The place is on fire!'" said Tracy Bishop. "And it just went - that quick."

Toledo Municipal Court documents say building owner Ray Abou-Arab, 61, entered the garage where he remained for more than a minute. Then he entered a store front at the same location.

"I feel very lucky [to be alive]," Bishop said, in tears. "I feel so bad about the firemen. My uncle's a fireman, and I feel really bad."

Abou-Arab has been arrested and charged with two counts each of aggravated arson and aggravated murder.

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