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Parents contact NBC12 over buses unable to drive on icy roads


Not every student in the Richmond area went back to school on Friday. Many of you contacted NBC12 and told us your bus driver couldn't pick up your child because of icy roads.

Temperatures have warmed up and it's all slush now, but just imagine hours ago, even with a two hour delay, many roads were ice.

Many bus drivers weren't taking any chances.

An NBC12 news crew drove from Henrico, to Chesterfield to Hanover to get a better look at road conditions and found icy, untreated snowy roads.

Parents told NBC12 their concerns.

"Are they going to slip and slide or hit somebody, or the kids going to fall when they go to the bus," says Lounda Hall, her daughter goes to school in Chesterfield.

Henrico County Public Schools called students to expect delays for some school buses.

But NBC12 received a number of complaints from Hanover parents.  Michelle Brightwell lives on Valley Creek Drive in a subdivision.  Usually the bus stops at every home, but it couldn't on Friday.

"This morning it was completely covered," she said.

Her youngest son usually rides the bus to his middle school but she says the bus driver called families to ask the children meet at the entrances of the neighborhoods.

For many children, that walk is more than half a mile and there were other issues; she says where the buses stopped weren't always safe intersections.  There was the option to drive children to school, but Brightwell says the notice came too late  and some parents had already left for work.

"They've always been really good with our delays and our closings, it's just this situation I thought was a little unacceptable," she said.

Brightwell's son was able to catch a ride with his older brother who drives a truck.

NBC12 reached out to Hanover County Public Schools about these complaints, but as of Friday's deadline, we have not yet heard back from the spokesperson.

VDOT did get back to us about clearing neighborhood roads they say some streets are too narrow or packed with cars.  And their trucks can't fit through.  They recommend parking cars in driveways after snow storms to help them out.

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