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Chesterfield assessments increase, after 5 year decline


Property assessments are out in Chesterfield and for the first time in about five years they're increasing.

For those looking to get out from underwater on their home, or inching toward selling a home, it's good news.

"That's very good for the homeowner," said Allan Carmody. "Very good for the community to see that stabilization to start occurring and turn back around in a positive."

"I had just moved here two years ago and I had lost value when I moved and so now it's gone back up," said Sheila Hall. "So, that's good news for me."

"Well, in case I would want to sell, then that's a good thing!" added Livian Livingston.

For those just facing higher taxes, it's probably not good news and there are pockets of the county where values stayed the same or fell.

County leaders say the increase will probably bring in about $9 million.

"It's going to help," said Carmody. "But let's be clear about just how much help that provides."

The county anticipated about a 2 percent rise, so they're really only seeing about $3 million more than they expected, or 1 percent.

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