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Va. Christian Alliance to AG: Resign or be impeached


The snow storm has forced leaders to postpone a court hearing on gay marriage in Virginia. It was set to begin Thursday morning, but there is a new storm brewing right here in Richmond.

The Virginia Christian Alliance is suggesting the attorney general should resign or be impeached.

The group drafted a petition after AG Mark Herring announced he will no longer defend the state's gay marriage ban.

"He has betrayed the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia," said Don Blake with the Virginia Christian Alliance. "Morally, ethically...he can't do that."

Blake says the exchanging of vows should be reserved for a man and woman.

"If one man can unilaterally decide by himself I don't believe in that law or that part of constitution...I'm not going to defend that," said Blake. "He can't do that."

The Christian alliance has even drafted a petition.

"If he can't defend the constitution then he needs to resign," said Blake.

The group is threatening to start circulating the document unless the attorney general changes his position or resigns.

"Those are two things," said Blake. "Resign or be impeached."

The executive director of Equality Virginia, James Parrish, has a much different opinion.

"The attorney general is doing his job and he should not be impeached," said Parrish.

Parrish says public opinion has changed since Virginians voted in favor of the ban back in 2006.

"Freedom to marry is coming," said Parrish. "Everybody just needs to make that adjustment."

Inclement weather forced courts to close and therefore postpone a federal hearing in Norfolk on the topic.

"But the General Assembly goes on. Press conferences go on," said Blake. "Courts go on. I don't know, but its kind of interesting. There is a planned protest there."

Both sides are prepared for a fight.

"There have been people who have always been unhappy when people have finally gained their civil rights," said Parrish.

There have been rumors that members of the House of Delegates may submit a resolution to impeach, but House Speaker Bill Howell tells NBC12 he will not entertain that motion.

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