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Police radio: Pinal commander called off chase


Recordings of radio traffic obtained by CBS 5 Investigates show a Pinal County Sheriff's Office supervisor called on his units to stop pursuing a man one of his deputies would shoot four minutes later.

"It's getting too dangerous. Have all of our units 10-22. It's inside the Eloy PD. That's their area. If they choose to continue, that's fine. But we're going to go ahead and back out at this point," said the unidentified commander.

But cell phone video taken at the scene of the final confrontation between officers and Manuel Longoria show one of the deputies continued the pursuit, along with Eloy police officers.

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office stated that all but one deputy ended the pursuit when ordered to. The one deputy who continued was reportedly listening to the Eloy police frequency. 

The cell phone video also shows one deputy fire the fatal shots at Longoria after the suspected car thief had raised his hands over his head, appearing to surrender.

"Sadly, he forced this situation. And it looks like more of a case of suicide by cop," said Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu last week.

Witnesses said Longoria insisted he had a weapon and would not be taken alive, but no weapon was found in his possession after the shooting.

"He was scared," said Lynnette Casey, Longoria's longtime girlfriend.

She said the stolen car actually belonged to Longoria's own sister, who had reported it stolen when he did not return it on time. Casey disputed the idea that Longoria was suicidal.

"They say suicide by cop. How is it he wanted to die if his hands were up? Nobody with their hands up wants to die," she said.

CBS 5 Investigates has also learned the deputy who opened fire was involved in at least one shooting in the past. He received the Medal of Heroism but was also arrested for alleged domestic violence in 2011.

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office is investigating the shooting despite the fact that it occurred within the jurisdiction of the Eloy Police Department. The deputy who opened fire has already been cleared to return to duty.

Meanwhile, former Deputy Guy Carino, who is Casey's brother, was arrested after the shooting. He was at the scene but not on duty at the time. Casey said he tried to convince Longoria to surrender, but he is charged with assault against his fellow officers on the scene.

Pinal County Sheriff's Office records show Carino had no previous record. He's been a deputy with the department since Aug. 20, 2007.

[Click here to read the statement of charges against Guy Carino]

Carino's family believes the sheriff's office is retaliating against him for refusing to back up the official story of what led to the shooting.

CBS 5 News attempted to interview Babeu about new information and questions surrounding case, but he refused to comment any further.

New information about the deputies' response to the order to call off the chase was given to CBS 5 by the Pinal County Sheriff's Office on Monday, Feb. 3.

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