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Road crews prepare for round two of snow and ice


VDOT and other road crews have been out in force, pre-treating the roads now that a second storm is headed our way.

Most of the icy patches from last week's storm have already melted, but old man winter isn't done with Central Virginia.

Road crews are ready for snowstorm number two. They anticipate another round will bring an accumulation of powder and ice.

"We are currently under a 24/7, 365 operation, where we continue to monitor the conditions," said Jamie Massey, superintendent for Henrico Road Construction and Maintenance.

We've already seen how things can quickly shut down when the temperatures dip below freezing. Last week, buses couldn't get around icy streets, so schools were canceled. Road crews say the priority is always interstates and primary roads first. Secondary and neighborhood roads are treated after that.

Crews admit, Mother Nature needs to be on their side in order for that ice to melt away.

"The frigid temperatures are a challenge for us, when the temperatures dip 15, 20 degrees," said Lindsey LeGrand with VDOT. "We just ask folks to stay patient with us."

Henrico County maintains its own roads. 80 trucks will be deployed to the eastern and western parts of the county. VDOT crews are also gassing up their trucks, but work done last week may help improve road conditions this week.

"If you notice there's a white residue that is on the pavement, that's actually left over from last week's storm," said LeGrand. "We don't have to put down as much treatment on the roads."

While another round of treatment will help with storm number two, drivers are still being urged to be careful.

Henrico road crews say once the primary roads are deemed clear, they will be checking out the subdivisions to see if any ice or snow has accumulated there.

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