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Chesterfield seniors barking mad over loose dogs


A Chesterfield community uses dogs to scare away nuisance water-fowl, but residents at the neighboring senior living facility are barking mad.

They fear those loose dogs are shirking county leash laws and could cause problems.

"This is our home," said concerned Cedar Village Senior Living Community resident Mary Mann.

She and others are fed up with dogs running around without a leash. Mann says the dogs are used to chase off geese in the nearby pond.

"A large dog could cause people to fall," said Mann. "That's a grave concern to me."

We have learned the dogs are working with a group called Windchazer, Inc.

"Typically it's a handler with one to two dogs," said company president Debra Marshall.

Mann claims she had a run-in with one of those handlers.

"Our property line runs right next to the lake," said Mann. "I could not believe the man said go in your apartment and sit."

Marshall says her company was hired by the neighboring community association to clear out the geese.

"That's paying someone to break the law," said Mann.

Marshall disagrees.

"It is private property," said Marshall. "We are contracted under a binding contract to provide the service."

"It is not a service to the community to have dogs run at large next to a senior citizens home," said Mann.

Other residents share Mann's sentiment. They absolutely want the dogs on a leash. The group even wrote county leaders.

"It is the opinion of the Commonwealth's Attorney that the use of a supervised dog to provide this service does not violate the county ordinance," said Dorothy Jaeckle in an email response from the County.

Mann was less than impressed.

"I believe that they are denying to the residents of this apartment complex the equal protection of the laws guaranteed by the 14th amendment," said Mann.

Marshall says the process is not effective with the dog on a leash. Customers can spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for this service. The residents say they are still considering their options.

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