TFD deaths hit hard for Fremont firefighters

Fremont Fire Chief Dave Foos
Fremont Fire Chief Dave Foos

FREMONT, OH (Toledo News Now) - News of the deaths of two Toledo firefighters Sunday has spread across the country, and it's hitting close to home for firefighters in Fremont.

"Our hearts are heavy," said Fremont Fire Chief Dave Foos. "I'm well aware of what they're going through, and it's going to be a difficult time for all involved."

Not long ago, in 2012, Fremont lost two firefighters in off-duty incidents, so learning about the deaths of two of their brothers in Toledo was tough news to take.

Chief Foos says this winter, all of his firefighters have been studying an inclement weather guide, which outlines the rules they must follow to stay safe while battling blazes in the bitter cold.

To avoid winter-related trouble on the scene, the chief says they put a form of antifreeze in each of the 1,000 fire hydrants in the city, and they're leaving hoses dripping on their trucks to prevent water from freezing.

"We are quicker to call in additional staffing to supplement the power," Foos said. "We always have a paramedic life squad on the scene to help us with rehabbing the individuals, and obviously while we're flowing water, it's harder to stay dry, so they carry spare gloves and turn-out gear with them."

There's something you can do to help firefighters this winter. If there is a hydrant near your home, make sure you clear the snow away from it to give firefighters easier access.

The community is showing support for TFD and families of the victims in a variety of ways. Click here to read how you can help.

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