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CALL 11 FOR ACTION: Citizens turn to WTOL for help when pleas to city go unnoticed

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For the past 3 months John Gilbert and his neighbors have been fed up with they consider a lack of respect from city leaders. Debris from a vacant home at 853 Rogers Street near John's has caused all sorts of problems.

The home burned down last July. The same day of the fire, Battalion Fire Chief Damon Williams issued an order for it to be demolished. However the demolition didn't begin until the first week of October. 

"This trash just sits here. People are dumping stuff, and we have rodents now," Gilbert said.

Gilbert says a number of neighbors including him called the city repeatedly only to be told they're on a list.

Fed up with the city's slow response,  John Gilbert decided to give our Call 11 for Action team a call on January 15th.

We were able to find out in a two-hour phone call that same day what John Gilbert and his neighbors had been waiting months to hear...The city neglected to pick up the debris it's responsible for.

Officials in the Streets, Bridges, and Harbor Department told us that Rogers Street property was on a low-priority list. 

The city didn't have the proper trucks, the alleys near the home were too narrow, and the recent winter storms put things behind.

Plus, there are a number of properties in the same the situation the city has yet to get cleaned up.

"This should have been a high-priority. We're taxpayers," Gilbert said.

After we told the city we were on the case, and the law stated the debris should be cleaned up by them, 24 hours later a city crew came and hauled it away.

"You guys are more responsible than the city. Thank you Channel 11," Gilbert said.

If you think you have a problem, give our Call 11 For Action Team a call at (419) 255-2255.

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