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Community coming together to stay strong, Zach Strong

An Evansville man with cerebral palsy, just diagnosed with Leukemia, continues to touch lives.

Now his friends and family are coming together to stay strong.

Zach Harris may not be able to walk because of his disability, but his friends say that's never held him back.

That's why they're confident, with the support of the community, the 'Westside celebrity' will give 110% to fight and beat cancer.

Zach's family and friends learned that Zach had Leukemia on Saturday. It's been an emotional week since then.

Zach is a face of Easter Seals, and attends USI where he works for the campus newspaper, The Shield. He announces basketball games and interviews sports players for The Edge Radio at the university as well.

The Reitz graduate managed his high school football team, and is now an assistant head coach of the Evansville Enforcers Semi-Pro Football Team.

His friends say, even wheelchair bound, Zach does anything and everything.

"If he does something, he does it 100%," said Olivia Scott. "If he's going to do something, he's going to do it and exceed it."

"He's an example of how everybody should live their life," said Corey Cain.

Longtime friends, Corey and Olivia, believe the battle against cancer may be tough, but Zach will give it his all.

"He's a fighter," said Corey. "Just add it to the charts of what he's already overcome. We just have to keep strong for him, because if we're not strong for him, he's not going to have anything to be strong for."

If you would like to help Zach and his family, Hacienda on Pearl Drive will be doing a 'give back night' on January 30. You will need a coupon that can be printed out by clicking here.

Hett's Graphics on St. Joe are making T-shirts. All shirts must be prepaid in cash. You can pick up your shirt at the Hacienda Give Back Night.

Visit any Old National Bank to make a donation for the Stay Strong Zach Strong account.

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