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Does It Work: Scrub Daddy

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What if there was a product that promised to help make cleaning easier? Scrub Daddy promises to do so, but does it work?

Alison Clancy is like most moms: busy!

"I do not like to do dishes. They end up sitting in the sink at least a day or two until I finally get to them," said Clancy.

That's where the Scrub Daddy comes in. It looks like a sponge, but promises to do more. It's soft in warm water, but firm in cool water.

"Ohhh it's proven to resist odors," said Clancy.

Debris isn't supposed to stick to the material, but does it work?

"It came off really good, and it didn't stick to the sponge, like, normally it would," said Clancy.

Next: pots and pans.

"It doesn't scratch any non-stick coatings," Clancy noticed.

How about delicate wine glasses?

"It just fits in there really good, like, it would get all the edges," explained Clancy.

Then, Clancy wanted to raise the stakes. She says her three kids are always getting glue on countertops during art projects.

"Oh wow. That came off great," said Clancy. "Normally I'm scrubbing it and scrubbing it, and it's smearing all over the countertops. This just picked it up instantly."

The glue washed right off the Scrub Daddy -- and all this with no soap.

Last up: the sniff test.

"Hasn't picked up any odor - not that I've noticed," noted Clancy.

How does this mom rate the cleaning tool overall?

"I would probably give it an 'A.' It did a great job washing the dishes, whether it was a pot, or pan, or a plate. And you know, it didn't scratch it. And all of the food came off of the sponge. It didn't stick to the sponge," said Clancy.

The $5.99 Scrub Daddy cleans up with a perfect passing grade in this week's does it work test.

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