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Hit a pothole? Here's how you file a claim

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Lots of people in Toledo are complaining about the potholes - and for good reason. They're all over the road, causing damage to cars and tires. 

Not only that, but drivers swerving to avoid hitting these deep pits in the road are creating a whole new hazard for the drivers around them.

If you're one of the many unlucky drivers to hit a pothole and your car received damage as a result - you can file a claim. 

The process is different if you hit a pothole on the interstate, an ODOT controlled road, or a street in the city of Toledo. 

File a claim with ODOT here:  http://www.dot.state.oh.us/damagereport/Pages/default.aspx

File a claim in Michigan here: http://www.michigan.gov/mdot/0,4616,7-151-9615_30883-93194--,00.html

City of Toledo Law Department: 419-245-1020 

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