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Show us where the potholes are - on Facebook!

(Toledo News Now) -

How many potholes have you driven into lately? The weather is wreaking havoc on our roads - and we need your help pinpointing the worst potholes in our area.

That's why we created Pothole Patrol, a Facebook event where people can (safely!) take pictures and report the worst potholes in the area.

We need you to let us know exactly where the potholes are. We're working to make our roads safer - and this is the first step!

So far several people have come forward:

"There is a bad one on east bound Laskey just passed the Wernert's Corner. I hit it yesterday and now I need my ball joint replaced on my SUV," reported Nadine Kozlowski Rzadecki.

"But pretty much all of point place needs to be repaved," Grayson York told us.

"[Detroit Street near Bancroft] should be closed until repairs can be made to avoid more damage, as there are potholes across all lanes," said Nichol. "These potholes cannot be avoided!"

We dug through viewers' comments and mapped out the 10 worst potholes in Toledo. You can see the map here.

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