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Winter weather affects summer crop production

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After last week's sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall, farmers are weighing in on what it may mean for this year's crops.

Even though the fields were covered in snow, farmers say that's not a bad thing. The snow kills insects, makes the soil richer and helps crop production, especially when it comes to growing wheat. The snow insulates the crop, protecting it from the arctic temperatures.

Winter weather can determine how well the spring crops will be. Right now, the main concern is what happens when the water above the crops freezes.

"It melts and then thaws and then freezes right away will water is standing on it," said Bill Myers, partner at Myers Farms. "It will turn to ice and smother the crop. Even though it's dormant, it still needs oxygen."

Livestock didn't fare as well in the arctic blast – especially cows. Farmers say the cows spent most of their energy trying to stay warm instead of growing.

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