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Plumbers busy fixing burst pipes


After the cold comes the flood? That seems to be the problem for many businesses and homeowners.

Pipes have busted all over the River Region leaving a big mess for hundreds of people. Plumbers are putting in overtime to catch up with the damage caused by the cold snap earlier this week.

"From the bottom to the top everyone is packed as much as they can do," said Dylan Price, plumbing manager for United Plumbing.

There are so many calls coming in for plumbing companies most are just having to patch problems until they can take the time to do the full repair.

"We are capping the line off, letting everything settle down, get everybody's water up and running to make the proper repairs needed," Price said.

Price says this is one of the busiest times his company has ever experienced. We caught up with him at the Salvation Army in Montgomery where he was putting the finishing touches on what started out as a flooding disaster.

"You live in Alabama and you aren't used to that. [The pipe] wasn't properly wrapped. So we are going to take all the needed precautions we can," Price said.

In most cases, including Salvation Army's, pipes froze and then burst. A small slice in one pipe caused at least $500 worth of damage in the warehouse.

"Fortunately it was a warehouse. Some of the mattresses that did get wet we'll probably have to get rid of. But it wasn't a big loss. It could have been a lot worse," said Capt. Mark Gilliam of the Salvation Army.

Price suggests when a cold snap comes through, especially like we just had, wrap any pipes on the outside. Also, make sure to leave water running, even at night, especially for faucets connected to an outside wall. He says just a drip won't do it, you need to have a steady stream.

The Wetumpka Driver's License Office also flooded due to busted pipes and the weather. Officials say the office is temporarily closed. We're told if you do need assistance, you can visit the Montgomery office on Coliseum Boulevard or the Prattville office is on Church Street. No word on how long Wetumpka's will be closed.

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