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Panthers fans showing up to get autographs


With the Panthers football team playing an important home game on Sunday, the buzz is in the air and it has created some fans who are now opportunists.

They are taking advantage of the extra practices and showing up to get autographs.

"I wish I can get the whole team," Panthers Fan Maquail Butler said. "But I know the players are focused right now. Some of them promised me they are going to give me an autograph."

Fans hope the practices will pay off.

"Hopefully our team can get back to the Super Bowl," Butler said. "And finish and get the rings. I see the fire in their eyes, just walking into the facility."

Fans say showing up to get a John Hancock from a Panthers player is important, especially during this season.

"It means a lot." Panthers Fan Sheena Ford said. "Because we have not been here all the time, but now we are here, I am enjoying it right now."

One fan showed up with an almost complete poster of

Panthers players autographs.

"Just about everybody on the team," Panthers Fan Mitch DeMallie said. "That's who I need up top, four players. If they make the Super Bowl, it would be real nice."

DeMallie says if they don't make it to the big game, the autographs will help him fulfill his hobby.

"I collect," DeMallie said. "It's for my man cave."

Panthers will be out on the practice field again Thursday afternoon at 12:30 to sign more autographs to please fans.

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