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Police unveil west Salisbury crime strategy, produce immediate results


A plan to put more police in a crime plagued part of Salisbury produced immediate results before it was even fully implemented.

On Tuesday Salisbury Police Chief Rory Collins unveiled the new plan, which would concentrate more officers in the west end of town, where the crime rate has risen more than 12% in the last five years even though the overall crime rate in the city is down 8.6%.

On Wednesday afternoon police responded to a report of shots fired in an area near Linn Lane and Brenner Avenue.  Two detectives who were working in the area actually heard the shots and saw people running from the area.

Two people were caught and a handgun was found.

The chief, urged on by neighbors, is hopeful that by putting more resources into the area, the crime trend may be reversed.

"I think it's a little worse now.," resident Eric Reid told WBTV. Reid has been in the area for more than 20 years, but he admits, crime in the west end is on the rise.
"I think it's more of, burglarizing and robberies, we have had some serious killings, don't get me wrong, but the burglary and robbing has picked up," Reid added.
"We did recently have a spree of 15 residential break-ins in this neighborhood and of course that led to some folks being scared, totally understandable," Chief Collins told WBTV.  "There was some outcry as to what are we going to do to protect them from that happening."
Chief Collins took us for a ride through the west end.  Not many folks were out during the cold and the middle of the day, but the chief says this is an area that is seeing increased police patrols.  
The city is now divided into four quadrants instead of 9 patrol zones, that means this area will now have three officers instead of one.  A second community relations officer has been added, just for this area.  
There is also the increased presence of signs posted by Crime Stoppers.
Will it help?
"I believe it will, I'm hoping it will," Reid said.
Neighbors who have met with police to get help are hopeful, and so is the chief.
"It's important for the citizens of the west end community to know that we are very serious about helping them, with this issue we are there for them we car we are going to do everything we can to attack the problem with the uptick of crime that has taken place in heir community and do the best we possibly can to turn around and give them a community they can feel proud of and feel safe in," Collins added.
The chief also told WBTV that he will send officers to the homes of residents, on their request, to show them ways to keep from becoming victims of crime.
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