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CT search warrant links Aaron Hernandez to 2012 double murder

A search warrant filed in Connecticut shows that police believe former Patriot player Aaron Hernandez may have been driving an SUV that was used in a Boston double murder in 2012.

CBS 3's state police sources first told us that the gun used in the double killing in the South End of Boston was found here in Springfield.

Now new details are emerging.

The search warrant filed in Connecticut is tying Hernandez to the killing of the two men. After surveillance and witness testimony, they believe Hernandez was behind the wheel of the silver SUV used in the drive-by.

The documents say a bouncer of a Boston nightclub called Rumor came forward in June of 2013 saying someone "accidentally spilled the beans" in front of him about who was involved in the 2012 double murder.

Just days after that, the man Hernandez is accused of killing, Odin Lloyd, was found dead not far from the ex-NFL player's home.

According to the documents, an intense review of surveillance of Hernandez followed.

"This was a very, very bad development for Mr. Hernandez," said legal Analyst Harry Manion.

Manion told our Boston affiliate, WBZ, he thinks an indictment against Hernandez could come at any time now.

"From a trial lawyer's and a prosecutor's standpoint, this is very dramatic. I think this is the foundation of a very strong circumstantial case against Aaron Hernandez in the double drive-by shooting," he said.

The SUV was found last summer at a Hernandez family home and impounded by police.

Hernandez is currently awaiting trial after pleading not guilty to the murder of Lloyd.

State police sources say the weapon used in the 2012 double killing was found in the car of a Bristol woman after she got in a car accident in Springfield.

The search warrant does not ever mention any motive for the 2012 double murder or the murder of Lloyd in 2013.

The warrant was filed so police could listen to prison phone conversations of Hernandez's friend Alexander Bradley that they believe could help in the double murder investigation.

Bradley is suing Hernandez for allegedly shooting him in the face in Florida last year.

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