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$65 Million upgrades coming to B of A Stadium


In two weeks major upgrades will take place at Bank of America Stadium. They will cost $65 million. They will include wide escalators.

"The movement of fans," Design Architect David Wagner said. "Into and out of the stadium will be a lot more accommodating and quicker."

The improvements will also include a better sound system, two new ribbon boards, and two 200 foot wide video monitors.  That's about three times bigger than the ones in the stadium now.  Officials say they wanted the changes but didn't want to tamper with the structure of the stadium. 

"We have an 18 year old stadium," Wagner said. "And at $65 million that is going to put it right at the top of the league again. It's a great investment. It's a modest investment with returns that can be terrific."

Charlotte's hotel, food and beverage tax will be used to pay for the upgrades.  City council approved that transaction.

"Without that support," Panthers President Danny Thompson said. "This really wouldn't happen. It's a great partnership. It's a great investment."

This will be phase one of the upgrades. They begin in two weeks.

"We'd like to do something every off season," Thompson said. "For the next three years."

Things are scheduled to be finished by July 1.  Officials say it will take about three years to make all the improvements.  Other upgrades coming are to the HVAC unit and improving the stadium's WIFI.

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