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Tips to protect your home, car amid below-freezing temps

Icicles form as temps drop below freezing in the Upstate. (File/FOX Carolina) Icicles form as temps drop below freezing in the Upstate. (File/FOX Carolina)

While many will try not leave the warmth of their home amid record-breaking cold temperatures, precautions still need to be taken to protect your home from the freeze.

But like many others, you probably walked out your front door without taking any steps to protect your most valuable investment ... your home

"We are not used to this cold a temperature in our area, and most people are unprepared for what happens," Chris Corley of Corley Plumbing, Air and Electric said.

Corley runs a home repair business in the Upstate and said there is one part of your home people need to make sure to protect amid the single-digit and negative temps.

"Cold temperatures, combined with wind, will create a disaster with plumbing pipes if you're not prepared," Corley said.

He said residents need to run a slow drip through their pipes, allow warm air to get to their indoor plumbing by opening up cabinets, close off foundation vents and make sure to disconnect outside hoses.

But he said despite all these precautions, their company will be very busy helping customers with frozen pipes.

Corley said if homeowners suspect problems, they should know how to turn the water off to their home so that when frozen pipes thaw out, their home will not flood.

Cold weather preparations should go beyond the home. Drivers who want to ensure their car cranks up amid the cold should follow a few simple steps to protect their vehicles.

"You want to make sure you have enough antifreeze in your car. You want at least a 50-50 mixture," said Terry Bassinger, manager of Goodyear on Pelham Road.

Bassinger said drivers also need to check all their other fluids, and make sure they have a good battery. He recommends letting the car warm up before pulling out of the driveway.

"Crank it up. Let it run [a] few minutes. ... Let it get to a good operating temperature," Bassinger said.

And always as a precaution, in case drivers encounter any type of trouble, they should keep some blankets, coats and water in the car.

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