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How to keep pipes from freezing

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With subzero temperatures on the way, there are several things you can do to make sure your home is protected from the cold, especially keeping your pipes from freezing.

One inexpensive way is to use a faucet cover. Just put it right on top of your outdoor water spicket and shut off the valve to help reduce exposure to the cold. Another is pipe insulation. Just wrap it around your pipes. Both can be picked up for under $5.

The coldest temperatures Toledo has seen in years are on the way and it could cost you thousands if you don't start preparing ahead of time.

"This last week with the cold, we've had a couple of issues with the pipes frozen. Random calls and stuff. Just not turning on and people getting a surprise at 6 in the morning," said Glenn Carpenter, manager at A+ Building Maintenance and Home Repair.

So how do you protect yourself from disaster?

"As far as in a basement, any pipes near exterior walls add pipe insulation. [It's] a cheap, very inexpensive way of insulating all your plumbing," suggested Carpenter.

A trick you may have never heard of is as simple as turning on your faucet.

"If you know it's going to be freezing and get below zero temperatures at night, your faucets - let them just drip over night. Moving water has a lot better chance of not freezing, as opposed to just sitting there," explained Carpenter.

Another key tip: Make sure to turn your thermostat no lower than 55 degrees if you won't be home. 
Still, the cold temperatures may just be too much. 
"It's an expensive repair, especially when it gets busy like this. You might be waiting a few days before anybody has time to get out and help you," said Carpenter.

The best thing to remember is this: Pay a little now to stay on top of problems, before you're left with a costly fix.

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