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Dozens of weapons stolen in Madison gun store burglary


Dozens of firearms are in the wrong hands after a calculated break-in early Friday at a Davidson County gun store, but police and federal agents now have a very good look at who was responsible.

Three thieves used a sledgehammer to break into the nRange gun store on Gallatin Pike about 1:30 a.m.

The men then smashed a glass counter, stealing more then 40 handguns and long guns before running out.

"The monetary value is one thing, OK. The thought of having these guns in the wrong hands? That bothers me," said store owner Ted Murrell.

This many guns stolen in a single swoop has police and federal officials on high alert as well.

"What we're afraid is that they're going to try to sell the guns on the street, and they could end up in the hands of young kids who may be doing something they shouldn't be doing with the guns," said Metro Police Cmdr. Sebastian Gourdin.

Based on surveillance video of the crime, investigators say it's clear this trio has been at the store previously. They seem to know exactly where to go, skipping a case with the revolvers and heading straight for the more sought-after weapons.

Police spent the day reviewing the tapes and scanning for fingerprints while Murrell reviewed his logs. Every visitor to his store has to sign in, and every gun has a recorded serial number.

"These firearms were all checked into the national system early this morning because we keep very good records here," Murrell said.

He isn't happy about the brazen break-in at his store and said he's determined to help police solve it.

"We do not stop. We do not take no for an answer. We will keep looking, keep searching, keep turning over every little leaf as much as we can, and the best chance they have is to be long gone," Murrell said.

If you know anything about the crime, call Metro police or Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME.

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