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Your Week in Viral Videos: Fughettaboutit! This stuff is way too good

Visiting New York? Let Johnny T be your official tour guide. (Source: Glove and Boots/YouTube) Visiting New York? Let Johnny T be your official tour guide. (Source: Glove and Boots/YouTube)

(RNN) - Presumably, city workers in New York have finished cleaning up after the mass of humanity who descended for the New Year's celebrations.

Even without large-scale, international events, one thing is always a constant in the Big Apple - tourists.

And for many native New Yorkers, that could not be more of an annoying thought.

Do yourself and them a favor if you're planning a trip in the near or distant future. Watch Johnny T's cheeky and thoroughly helpful advice for tourists.

I mean, it's coming from a sock puppet, but it's good advice. Really, good advice. This is coming from the same team that brought us the public service announcement for vertical video syndrome, which was also amazing and somewhat offensive if you were one of the people they were talking about.

No thanks, I'll pass (out)

A reporter for KUTV dropped to the deck in the middle of a live shot for some unknown reason.

This happened just before New Year's, so we know she wasn't hung over from celebrating.

And like a real trooper, she woke up and continued the interview like nothing happened. That's dedication right there, folks. Don't worry - she seemed to be OK and went to the doctor to get checked out.

Boys only

This trailer for a film about the societal pressure on young males may open your eyes to some things you never considered.

For instance, what do we really mean when we tell boys to "be men," and who teaches them how to do that?

It's no secret that men are reluctant to seek help for emotional issues, but The Mask You Live In tries to explore an important question - why?

The Slide: A finale full of magic

The second season of Conversations With My 2-Year-Old debuted in Sept. 2013, and it's grown a lot since season 1. Not only is creator Matthew Clarket's daughter Coco now 3-years-old, the views are constantly growing as well – not surprising since it's pure genius.

The finale of season 2 features a slide, which many parents may know can be a child's worst nightmare on the first try.

David Milchard plays Coco in the video, and he faces the fear head on and it's like Disney magic.


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