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Toddlers walk away from daycare

2-year-old Kameron Watkins 2-year-old Kameron Watkins

Today a family is wondering what kind of care was given to their two-year-old at the Room to Grow Learning Center in Bedford, after they received a call from police telling them that the little boy was found wandering in the street.

19 Action News Reporter Paul Orlousky met with the family of little Kameron Watkins, who was safe and sound with his mom, at his grandparents home. 

Saturday. December 28, it was a far different situation when Kamika got a call from the police that they had Kameron and another boy.

"They were found in the street and I guess somebody seen em. They stopped the car.  I'm assuming they called the police,' says Kamika.

Kamika was rightly upset by what happened yet relieved that the situation didn't turn tragic. 

But both she and her mom were upset again by the reaction at the learning center.

"The lady was like ‘Why are you upset?'  That was what the worker said," says Laura Young, Kameron's grandmother.

Our news crew was surprised at the center when we were let in after hitting a buzzer.  No one asked who we were or why we were there.

After a daycare employee learned that our reporter wanted to speak with the manager, Toni, it went from expecting her to show up shortly to speaking with her over the phone.

"I'm trying to get an interview with you is what I'm trying to do," says 19 Action News Reporter Paul Orlousky.

The manager asked our news crew to leave, so Orlousky took Toni's number and left the center as she requested. 

By phone she told Orlousky the two employees involved were terminated, and this is unfortunate and the first time something like this has happened.

"I'm thankful that he was alive, that he didn't get hit but that street is a very busy street," says Kamika.

Incidents such as this remind parents to check, check, and recheck the background of any person or agency entrusted with caring for a child.  After that's done-- check again.

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