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Two charged for theft of laptop on plane

Macbook Air laptop Macbook Air laptop

Two people  have just been indicted for what happened to a local passenger on an airplane and if you're not careful-this could happen to you.

The crime scene: a commercial aircraft.

If you've ever flown, you know the seats have pockets.  A Lakewood man told investigators at Hopkins Airport, he put his portable computer in a seat pocket; then when he got home he realized, he didn't have that computer.

One of those really nice Macbook Air computers.

So where'd it go?

The man used a special feature to track his computer online.

Bingo. Records show the computer was at a home in Westlake.

Now a man and a woman, Ramone Flores Jr. and Pari Hooven, are indicted.

Charges against the two were just filed, so the suspects haven't even had a chance to start defending themselves yet.

Police say that this case shows why you might want to protect yourself--especially with expensive electronics on a plane.

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