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OSHP offers tips on avoiding wrong-way drivers

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The Ohio State Highway Patrol says head-on collisions are on the increase.

The latest one occurred Monday night in Fremont and killed two people.

If you're behind the wheel of your car and find a wrong way driver coming straight at you, the Patrol says your best chance of survival is through defensive driving.

Always be aware of other drivers around you.

When you're out driving, whether on the Interstate, on county roads or on city streets, always look for a safe way out.

"If you come across a roadway where there is a clear, open field to the right and a vehicle is coming at you, you need to know that it's safer to go that way versus driving into a bridge pillar or something like that," said Lt. William Bowers of the patrol.

Or you may want to drive the way troopers do on patrol.

Stay in the right hand lane, especially on overpasses and blind corners.

"Move over into the right lane if the car is coming the wrong way. It could hit head-on. We're in the right lane instead of that left lane in their path," said Lt. Bowers.

He says the number of fatal accidents in Ohio could reach a record low in 2013 because cars are being built safer and there is increased safety belt use.

On top of that, law enforcement continues to be vigilant.

"We've got a lot of agencies that have worked together on traffic enforcement," said Lt. Bowers.

And those agencies are working together now through New Year's Eve to break that record and keep an eye out for wrong way drivers.

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