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Working on Christmas part of job for Perrysburg firefighters

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

They're having ribs for Christmas dinner at the Perrysburg fire station.

"It's pretty awesome. We have a great Chief here. He does a pretty fantastic job," said firefighter Aaron Harwell.

Unlike most people perhaps, these 7 firefighters are working this Christmas.

They are away from their families but they're making the best of it.

"There are times when you're working when you would rather be at home and there are times you're at home that you say, ‘I'd rather be at work right now.' It's kind of 50-50," said firefighter Mike Wilson.

Firefighter Jeff Stefanelli, describes a meal that is a lot like a family meal.

"We have one meal together. It's usually a lunch time meal. Everybody will bring food in. And we will sit around the table here and share that," said firefighter Jeff Stefanelli.

Emergencies don't take a day off and, because of that, these 7 men aren't taking the day off either.

They are sacrificing their Christmas with family and friends to serve the community.

"This is a 365 day, 24 hour around the clock job. We can't just not be here. We have to be here all the time," said Jeff.

Most of the men spent Christmas with their families on Christmas Eve, opening gifts under the tree so they wouldn't miss out on that special moment with the ones they love.

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