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10 non-drinking New Year's Eve activities for adults

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By Tiffany Tseng

New Year's Eve celebrations are probably one of the most important and exciting celebrations throughout the year, as the holiday symbolizes both the end of the year as well as the beginning of another. Often times, people may use this celebration as a time to indulge in unsafe activities like excessive partying, binge drinking alcohol, or engaging in reckless behavior. These actions can result in detrimental consequences; who really wants to welcome the New Year in jail or at the hospital's emergency room? Instead, try these safer and healthier ways to celebrate a non-drinking New Year's Eve. 

Make A Scrapbook Of The Past

One great way to commemorate the past year is to make a scrapbook or a photo album that highlights memorable moments. Print out the pictures and decorate them! This is a great way to get family of all ages involved in solidifying good memories.

Reminisce And Talk About The Past Years

A New Year's Eve celebration is also a great time to become nostalgic of the past. As the photo album of this past year is being created, feel free to pull up past scrapbooks and reminisce the good times. Perhaps your parents' high school yearbooks will reveal a few adventurous stories you never knew about, or it may be a good time to unearth your sibling's embarrassing stories to share a good laugh.

Volunteer Your Time For Others

One way to begin a brand new year with some "good karma" will be to volunteer your time for others. Many New Years Eve festivities hosted in the streets usually need volunteers to make sure the events are run smoothly and on schedule. Often times, the volunteering shifts are only 3 hours long and include a free pass, so you may have the rest of the evening to enjoy the actual event! To make you feel even warmer and fuzzier inside, charitable organizations will usually ask volunteers to help cook, distribute, and host dinners for the needy. It is very easy to look online for organizations that need help on the big day. Not only will this be a great group or family event, but you will also be helping others celebrate the New Year spirit.

Get To Know Your Family

Most likely, you do not talk to Shelly, your fourth cousin thrice removed, on a daily basis. Hence, if you do end up hanging out with your family on New Year's Eve, make sure to sit down and have a chat with members of your extended family. Even better, talk to your grandparents and grill their memories on what they did in their childhood to pass the time. Chances are, you will emerge into the New Year with a new appreciation of your family members as well as a truckload of entertaining stories about their past and present.

Help Each Other Make Possible Resolutions

New Year's resolutions definitely go hand-in-hand with New Year's Eve celebrations. This is a good opportunity to really sit down and formulate sustainable resolutions by yourself or with your loved ones. Having other people brainstorm with you may help you formulate attainable steps to really solidifying the resolution.

Do Something For The First Time

Of course, this "something" does not have to include reckless behavior. Try new foods, wines or desserts you've never experienced. For all you know, you may discover something amazing and delicious and wish you had done it sooner! You can also learn something for the first time as well, such as hair braiding, a new language pr checking your car's tire pressure.

Get Crafty!

Who says gingerbread houses are only reserved for Christmas time? Get crafty with your friends and family and create something everyone will like. Make birthday cards, build models, or make another candy house to eat later.

Play Board Games

Board games are a fail-safe way to have an enjoyable time. If you have always stuck to the same board games year after year, buy several new ones and try them out. Not only can they be enjoyed by all ages, they can also bring out a friendly competitive streak for everyone.

Early Spring Cleaning For The Needy

Another way to gain some "good karma" is to clean out your closet and garage for items to donate to the needy. Not only will this give you a clean slate and refreshed feeling going into the New Year, you are also giving others a present to help them start off the New Year right.

Make A Video Recording And Stream It Online

Make use of your camera, laptop, and internet and stream your last moments of the year online, such as the countdown, for everyone else to see! That way, you are truly celebrating the New Year in style and with people around the world.

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