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Does it Work: Music Bullet

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Lookingfor a last-minute stocking stuffer? We may have found one. The Music Bullet isa small speaker that promises big sound, but does it work?

DonBinkley is a sound engineer and musician. He spends his days in a studio atMadison Avenue Marketing Group in downtown Toledo. So Toledo News Now popped into have him test out the Music Bullet.

Thetiny speaker comes with a 20-inch retractable cord, which plugs into a phone,tablet or computer, and a rechargeable battery. Binkley tried it out with aniPhone 5.

"It'sgot a lot of sound for a small speaker. It puts it out pretty well," he said. "Idon't hear the big bass they're talking about [but] it's certainly loud enoughto play in a small room for a few people."

Thereis no volume control on the speaker itself. It's all controlled through thedevice it's attached to. Binkley found when he lowered the volume on the phoneto about 75 percent, it improved the quality.

"Ifyou turn your device up too loud it's just going to give it too much," he said."I think you can overdrive it, but most small speakers you can anyways."

TheMusic Bullet sells for $14.88, but is it worth the price?

"I'dgive it a B," Binkley said. "It sounds good. I can't give it an A because itdoesn't give me that big pop of bass."

Sothe Music Bullet tunes in a passing grade in this week's Does it Work test.

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