Swiss Chard Artichoke Dip and Pumpkin Butter Ricotta Spread

Swiss Chard Artichoke Dip

1 cp cook Swiss chard

1 package frozen artichoke hearts cook per package directions or one can artichoke hearts drained and squeezed dry.

8 oz package of soft garlic-chive cream cheese

¼ cp each sour cream and mayonnaise

1/3 cp grated Parmesan cheese

½ tsp garlic powder

½ tsp red pepper flakes


To cook Swiss chard cut stems into small ½ pieces and saute in 2 tbls oil for 3 – 4 minutes over medium high heat. Chop leaves and to pan and saute an additional 4 -5 minutes.

Drain any excess liquid and add cream cheese cook till melted

Add remaining ingredients and cook till hot

Put into a serving bowl and serve with brusettea toasts, tortilla or bagel chips.

Pumpkin Butter Ricotta Spread.

11 ounces whole milk ricotta cheese

2/3 cp Pumpkin butter

2 tbls Caramelized shallots

2 tbls Dijon mustard

Mix the pumpkin butter, shallots and Dijon mustard till combined. Mound the cheese on a serving plate and top with the pumpkin mixture. Serve with brusetta toasts or bagel chips.

To caramelize shallots take 1 cp very thinly slice shallots and cook in 2 tbls oil in a small skillet over medium heat till browned and caramelized around 10 – 15 minutes