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Remembering Reann: Hundreds show up for vigil honoring 9-year old

Vigil for Reann in Smithfield Vigil for Reann in Smithfield

Despite the 20 degree, the week before Christmas, and still a couple of hundred people showed up Wednesday night to remember Reann Murphy.

On the front lawn of what was the 9 year old's elementary school they lit candles, prayed, read poems and sang.

"Just one little peak into heaven is all I'm asking for today. I just want to know how she's doing, and heaven seems so far away," said a community member. "No mother, no father should ever have to bury their child in this manner."

We must also report among the candles and prayers, there was quiet a bit of anger here -- with shouts of amen after statement like this.

"Honestly this might not be nice to say but I hope they fry his ass," yelled an angry community member.

One amazing thing about this crowd is none of these people are related to Reann. They are friends, caring residents and classmates who had the courage to speak.

"I loved Reann, she was nice and she's in a better place now where nobody can hurt her," said a family friend.

Kim McFermott is a family friend and says Reann's mom Kelly Jones was just emotional to be here after what she's been through even just today.

"We had to pick out the hardest outfit of our lives, the last outfit her baby is ever going to put on," Kim McFermott said.

Among the crowd one woman, who didn't even know Reann vowed that she will stand outside of that courthouse every day that Metsker is in court, holding up a sign that says "Justice for Reann."

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