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Potholes exposed after winter weather

The snow and ice are disappearing from Tri-State roads, only to be replaced by another hazard.

The route on Virginia Street between Burkhardt and Green river is a bumpy one. Some drivers know the potholes are there so they slow down, but the majority, especially at night, are caught by surprise. 

Each spring, the City of Evansville has the Pothole Blitz, when crews fix roads torn up by the winter weather and heavy snow plows.

But City Transportation Director Todd Robertson tells 14 News that they are patching and mending year-round to try to keep up.

He says the winter months are slower because suppliers are slow to fill orders for the products they need. When temperatures don't get above 36 degrees, crews have to use a cold mixture to patch the holes.

While drivers were out Tuesday afternoon, some had suggestions. 

"Down on Virginia, the whole street there is just full of potholes and cracks and uprising in the blacktops. These cars, they take a beating. You have got to drive defensively, for other drivers and for potholes that throw your front end out of line. It's dangerous," said Edward Fry, an Evansville driver.

The county says they are also working year-round on potholes when the roads aren't covered with snow and ice. If you see one you'd like addressed, you don't have to wait until the spring.

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