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Suspects accused of ramming truck into building to steal fur coats

Deshawn Diggs (left) and Antwain McKenzie (right) (Source: Toledo Police) Deshawn Diggs (left) and Antwain McKenzie (right) (Source: Toledo Police)
Alfred Johnson (left) and Adrian Hill (right) (Source: Toledo Police) Alfred Johnson (left) and Adrian Hill (right) (Source: Toledo Police)
Quinton Benson (Source: Toledo Police) Quinton Benson (Source: Toledo Police)
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Several people are behind bars, after Toledo police say they rammed a truck into a local business looking for fur coats.

It happened at Toledo Furs on West Central Avenue around 6:30 Tuesday morning. They didn't end up getting into the store, but it's no secret that they tried, leaving tracks in the snow. Police say once the group realized they weren't getting in, they ran from the scene.

It's business as usual now at the store, but owners say it was quite the scene when they came to work and saw a U-Haul, crumbled bricks, and police cars behind their building.

"I immediately knew what happened, but I could see that they hadn't gotten in, so I was somewhat relieved," said owner Michael Tauber.

All of the fur coats at Toledo Furs are untouched and intact, but police say five people are behind bars for the attempt:

-Quinton Benson, 36

-Deshawn Diggs, 24

-Adrian Hill, 26

-Alfred Johnson, 35

-Antwain McKenzie, 23

All were charged with felony vandalism. McKenzie was also charged with receiving stolen property for the stolen vehicle they were using.

"I think they all will probably at least be charged with vandalism, for trying to break into the facility and causing the damage to the business. They weren't able to get away with any of the furs, so we're not going to charge them with a theft there," explained Sgt. Joe Heffernan with the Toledo Police Department.

However, the group could face more charges as the investigation moves forward. 
Police from the metro Detroit area say they believe the U-Haul may have been stolen and the group may be responsible for similar break-in attempts at fur coat stores in Michigan. 
Now Toledo police are working with the West Bloomfield Police Department on the investigation.

"To see if this was part of something bigger. And we're looking into what their motives were and what they were doing here in Toledo," said Heffernan.

Tauber says fur coats at his store range in cost from $900 to $10,000 each, so he's not surprised his store was targeted.

"It's been extremely cold outside. It's Christmas time. And it's an easy way for them to get some money," said Tauber.

But instead of fur coats, these criminals got jail time.

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