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Local dads offer solution to messy meals with babies


A pair of local dads are teaming up with a Kansas City-based business to sell what they are calling the best invention for babies since diapers.

The fathers who grew up in the Kansas City area say the ShamBibby gets rid of the frustration parents face when cleaning up after a messy meal. They are selling it to local stores with hopes to expand with the help of KC business incubator BetaBlox.

"The cotton bibs and the terry cloth just piles up mess and muck all over them. It was just horrible. They stained. There was never a clean one," said Greg Ross, the CEO, founder and inventor of ShamBibby.

Ross' constant hunt for a clean baby bib sparked the idea.

"The shammy from Germany got really popular. I thought, ‘Let me try that. It looks like it works really well.' So I cut some out. I sewed it and I swear we used it every day for two years," he said.

Ross said he worked to perfect the design to find a softer material that can absorb 12 times its weight in liquid. He and his business partner chose 100 percent non-woven viscose, high-quality German rayon chamois.

"The technology we've used, we've found a shammy that is a little thicker," Ross said.

He said the bib is soft enough to clean a baby's face and hands yet durable enough to clean high chairs and table tops.

"We can come right over to the sink and it's as easy as this: Turn on some water. All the mess, all the muck repels right off of it," said Ryan Landie, the vice president of sales for ShamBibby.

Landie decided to join the company after his daughter helped test the product.

"I was actually blown away because I was trying to use all these other baby bibs on my daughter," he said.

Once the ShamBibby is rinsed, it can air dry.

The local dads hope it will fly off shelves.

"We really want to go and introduce this to the big box retailers down the road," Ross said.

So far, ShamBibby is only for sale in stores in the Kansas City metro. The local businesses selling it are: The Mommy Shop, Happi Names, Outside the Box, Wild Child Resale in Lees Summit and Sweet Pea & Co.

It's also available online at  The ShamBibby sells for $12.50.

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