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Costco hits snag in Perrysburg plans

The planned site. The planned site.
PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Plansto build a Costco in Perrysburg have hit a delay. Developers were forced tocancel a public hearing with the city, which was scheduled for next week.

Theproblem facing developers right now is an underground gas line that runsdirectly across the entire property. Developers knew the line was there fromthe start, but they expected to get approval from Columbia Gas to build aboveit before now.

Cityofficials say aside from the location of the property, just off Eckel Junctionand Route 25, this gas line was the most glaring problem.

Sowhy build a 150,000-square-foot retailer right above it?

"It'skind of the million dollar property, if you will, in terms of exposure, accessto roadways," said Brodin Walters, the planning and zoning administrator. "Somost large users like that are looking towards the exposure they have to 75,475, Dixie Highway and even Eckel Junction is a heavily-traveled roadway now."

Citycouncil still needs to vote on special approval for the site. Costco needs toresolve any complications with Columbia Gas before anything can move forward.

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