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Drunk driving accidents increased in Wood County

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Adangerous behavior is on the rise in Wood County. State troopers say they'reworking to stop people from getting behind the wheel while drunk.

Newdata from Wood County Safe Communities shows alcohol-related injury accidentshave dramatically increased – from 3.5 percent in 2012 to 5.1 percent so farthis year.

"OVIcrashes are up, however we've seen an increase in OVI arrests in our area,upwards of 35 percent," said Sgt. Bob Burd, from the OSHP Bowling Green post.

Trooperssay it's hard to pinpoint the problem areas.

"Theproblem is if it's happening, it's bad," Sgt. Burd said. "I'd love to say, ‘Stayaway from this area,' or ‘Stay away from any area,' but you can't do thatanymore."

Inorder to combat the issue, state troopers and other agencies created the "SwallowYour Pride" program. A donated car will be stationed at the Bowling GreenPolice Station. Anyone can call for a ride if they feel they can't make ithome.

"We'llgive them a ride within 10 miles of our location in the Bowling Green area toget them home safely," Burd said.

Theprogram should be up and running by New Year's. Until then, troopers havesomething they want the public to do.

"Grabbingyour family member and everyone out the door, saying, ‘Hey, I'd love to see youcome home tonight. Please be responsible,' you know, that helps out greatly,"Burd said.

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