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CBS 3 mortgage giveaway winner: Shirley Warner


CBS 3 Springfield has been flooded with Facebook comments, calls and emails about our mortgage giveaway winner.

Friday our winner Shirley Warner of Haydenville came to CBS 3 Springfield to get her check for one year's mortgage.

Warner lives in her Haydenville home with her 22-year-old son.

They both work together to get the bills paid but Warner says the check that will pay off her mortgage for an entire year means some relief is in sight for her and her son.

Warner's sister says that it's gratifying to see a woman who gives so much to others finally get something in return.

"My son and I work together to pay the bills and it's amazing, it's the coolest thing I've ever won...we always have an extra plate at the table in case a hungry stranger comes and we feed people, and it gets paid back I guess," Warner said. 

Warner says she didn't even want to join Facebook in the first place but ended up joining to promote her cooking class business.

Now she says she's glad she did.

Thank you to all our viewers who "liked" us on our CBS 3 Springfield Facebook page and entered to win.

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