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Judge responds to allegations of questionable courtroom behavior

Judge Angela Stokes Judge Angela Stokes

Judge Angela Stokes' courtroom actions have been under investigation by the Supreme Court's disciplinary arm for months now. She has now answered the allegations.

Judge Stokes reply is a mix of admissions, denials and claims that she doesn't have enough information to answer some charges. Reporter Paul Orlousky examined the denials.

He went through each reply Judge Stokes made to charge after charge. Those she denied, those she agreed with and those she said she was unable to answer. The 62 items she denied are those raising questions.

In a recent case in Judge Stokes' courtroom, the door made a noise when Novella Black left the room. The judge called her back to explain. Judge Stokes admits this. Later, she ordered bailiffs to take Black into custody.

"Bring her back into the courtroom," said Judge Stokes as she banged her gavel. "Take her into custody. Don't say another word to this court or you'll go to jail for three days."

Despite the video, the judge denies this. The very same day there was an exchange with Attorney Tina Tricarichi who didn't hear a condition imposed on a client and simply said pardon me, which set the judge off. The judge denied it happened.

"It's outrageous," said Dyanthea Taylor.

Taylor asked a bailiff a question and was scolded by the judge. When she rolled her eyes, the judge had her put in a cell.

"You're not gonna roll your eyes in this court," said Judge Stokes. "Put her in the holding cell."

In her reply to the Supreme Court, the judge denies the whole thing.

Defendant Kenneth Taylor came to court and when an officer didn't show for the third time, he made a polite motion to dismiss. She ordered a bailiff to escort him to the elevator with a threat.

Judge Stokes denied the event in the Supreme Court filing.

Supreme Court rules allow something called a remedial suspension of a judge while serious allegations are investigated. So far there is no move to do that and protect defendants from the treatment outlined.

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