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Sylvania hoping to expand River Trail

SYLVANIA, OH (Press Release) -

The city of Sylvania could be expanding the River Trail.  Currently the trail runs from Main Street to Monroe Street along the Ten Mile Creek and the Ottawa River. City officials are now working with Flower Hospital in an effort to expand the trail.

Sylvania officials are hoping to extend the trial past Harroun Road, onto Flower Hospital property and under US 23. 

"You know we are hoping that being able to open up the trail to the east side of US 23 will allow more people to come through, people that want to walk and or ride there bike," said Sylvania Director of Public Service Kevin Aller.

The city had originally planned to construct the entire trail at once, but complications forced them to break the project into phases. Crews will have to work around flood planes to complete the trial, which has added cost.

"We are going to have an additional million to million and a half [dollars], there has been a lot of numbers thrown around, just quick and dirty estimates, part of this preliminary engineering is to really fine tune those estimates so that we can determine how much it is going to cost," said Aller.

Leaders are hoping to gather the extra money needed through grants from ODOT, private sources and the city's general fund.

"It just opens up recreational opportunities, it provides a safer access for people that was to cross US 23, by bike or foot, and hopefully it will become something that people use more and more," said Aller.

The city has not said when construction on the next phase of the project will begin.

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