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Tiffin projecting first balanced budget in years

Mayor Aaron Montz Mayor Aaron Montz
TIFFIN, OH (Toledo News Now) -

As towns are preparing their 2014 budgets, one local community is seeing something they haven't seen in years: a balanced budget.

Halfway through his first terms as mayor of Tiffin, Aaron Montz has seen his city change for the better. When he came into office, Montz inherited a general fund with only $163,000. Two years later, it's projected to be at $1.9 million, and it doesn't stop there: The pesky budget isn't so pesky anymore.

"We're forecasting for the first time what we hope to be a balanced budget, meaning that we're not spending more than we take in," Montz said.

On top of that, more retirements in the police and fire departments could mean additions to staffing. The city's credit rating is likely to improve, and now, the city pool and fireworks display will no longer need donations.

"It's been a combination of cuts, increasing job opportunities in the community, the income tax returns are up," Montz said. "There's been a lot that's been going into it to make this a better community, and we are extremely excited to say that we finally have turned things around in Tiffin."

Now people are asking Montz if he has plans to run for a Seneca County commissioner seat. He says no, he has plenty of work still to do in Tiffin and he's happy there.

Of course, it's not just one person that is responsible for the changes. Mayor Montz says he owes much of the city's success to a council that works together despite party affiliation.

"This has to be one of the greatest working relationships I've seen, and I think a lot of it comes from the leadership at City Hall, showing that we're not about the labels of the Ds and the Rs, we're all about making Tiffin and Seneca County a better place to live," he said.

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