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Debate over use of Adrian oil money

ADRIAN, MI (Toledo News Now) -

Changescould be on the way for the City of Adrian's oil trust fund.

Somesay the money should be put away and saved for future generations, while otherssay city leaders should have access to part of it now to help with budgetshortfalls. Commissioners are asking the city attorney to study the legality ofthe fund and let them know what their options are in the future.

Cityleaders say the attorney's findings will then be shared with the public fortheir input.

"There'smany different options on what to do with this money we've been blessed with,"said Shane Horn, acting city administrator. "There's talk that we will have apublic hearing on this issue to get more of the public's input in thisdecision, and obviously once we have a legal opinion, we'll know how to goforward from there."

Ifcommissioners are eventually allowed access to the money, it could go to thegeneral fund or support other initiatives like capital improvement or publicsafety.

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