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Findlay Police receive high-tech gift for measuring evidence

OSHP Lt. Kinn shows the Total Station OSHP Lt. Kinn shows the Total Station
FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

An early Christmas gift arrived for Findlay Police. The department has a new high-tech tool to help them on the scene of an accident or crime.

When it comes to car accidents, no one ever wants to be at fault, so it's important that officers know with certainty how it all went down. That's exactly what the Findlay Police Department's new tool is being used for.

"We knew that we needed one of these, and we'd tried a couple of times in our past budgets to get this approved," explained Police Chief Gregory Horne. "Because the equipment is $10,000 or more, the opportunity to get something like this is very rare."

Officers were using measuring tape and pulling up Google Maps at the site of a crash to pinpoint exactly where it happened and how each vehicle was involved.

"It's required a lot of follow-up measurements," said Captain Sean Young. "You have to take several measurements to ensure you're getting the right measurement. With a device like this, you're certain you're getting the right measurements the first time around."

It's called the Total Station, and it's the same tool used by investigators on Thanksgiving Day at the scene of a fatal crash on the turnpike, that claimed the lives of a Toledo couple. Lt. Christopher Kinn, crash reconstruction commander of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, was at that scene and says accidents are not the only uses for the Total Station.

"Any type of scene where you need to accurately measure evidence, whether it's crash or crime, this device can actually locate all of those points in the scene and then recreate the scene for court purposes," Lt. Kinn said. "That's one thing that's expected of us in law enforcement. We're expected to be able to show and prove beyond reasonable doubt, so a tool like this only enhances our abilities.

Perhaps the best part for the Findlay Police Department: they received the Total Station for free, as OSHP replaces its old devices with new ones.

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