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Backseat boredom busters: Keeping kids entertained while traveling

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Heading home for the holidays can bring all kinds of anxiety and headache for all involved, but especially for parents making a long trip with kids to keep entertained. put together a list of the top 10 games for kids while traveling, and it's worth a look if you've got a long drive or flight coming up.

Most road warriors are familiar with the classics like I Spy and the license plate game, but when is the last time you played "Going on a Picnic" or "the Preacher's Cat"?

Some of these games require nothing more than your eyes or a large vocabulary and strong memory. Others, like connect the dots, tic tack toe and hangman might require a pencil and paper, but those aren't too difficult to acquire and can save parents hours of arguing, complaining and worse from the backseat. has several printable travel activity sheets for kids, including crossword puzzles, road trip bingo and coloring pages.

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