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Police: Tucson girls imprisoned for 2 years break free from home

Tucson Police Department Capt. Mike Gillooly (Source: KOLD-TV) Tucson Police Department Capt. Mike Gillooly (Source: KOLD-TV)

Two people have been arrested after three girls told police they had been imprisoned in a midtown home in Tucson for two years.

Tucson Police Department Capt. Mike Gillooly spelled out some of the details in a statement Tuesday afternoon. Here is a complete transcript of what he said.

"About 4:02 this morning, a patrol officer in our operations division west responded to the 2800 block of N. Estrella regarding a 911 call regarding a domestic fight involving a knife.

"Upon arrival they discovered two female juveniles that were extremely filthy, approximately ages 12 and 13. They had run to a neighbor's house alleging their stepfather had kicked in their bedroom door and was attempting to assault them with a knife.

"During a course of that investigation, it was alleged by the girls that they had been imprisoned in their bedrooms for the past two years.

"Officers responded to the family residence and made entry and discovered yet a third 17-year-old female who was also imprisoned within her bedroom - a different bedroom than the bedroom her siblings were occupying together.

"All three juveniles were extremely dirty, as I mentioned, and malnourished and stated they had not bathed within the last four to six months. They were kept in filthy living conditions separately and told patrol officers they had not seen each other in almost two years and were kept separate within the bedrooms within that house.

"At this point, the investigation is in the initial stages and the children have been removed and the parents are now in custody.

"Detectives are working very diligently to try to solve this case and put all the pieces together so the people responsible for this can be held accountable.

"I'll update you with further information as we uncover what occurred and what happened within that residence and other residences that the family occupied here in the city limits of Tucson.

"I can't take any questions at this time. We have a lot of work to do in this investigation. I can assure you we're doing all we can to make sure these kids are kept safe and that we hold people accountable, responsible for their welfare."

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