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Woodville Mall owners blame city for demo delay

NORTHWOOD, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The owners of the Woodville Mall are dishing out new accusations about the real reason they claim demolition has not started.

In a rare move, the owners are speaking out, pointing the finger at a city administrator for delaying demolition. Still, city leaders say they're not at fault for keeping this former mall standing.

"It's the owner's responsibility to do it. I wish they would do it. I don't want to get the city involved," said Bob Anderson, Northwood city administrator.

A statement from Adam Burke, the lawyer representing the mall owners, says:

"This is a land grab for the city," Burke said. "We are ready, willing and able to do the demolition now. The city just needs to get out of the way."

Owners say posting the $1.7 million bond to demolish the nuisance property is unattainable, but officials say they're just following city ordinances.

"In order to demolish something this size, you must post a bond double the cost of demolition. That's to make sure we don't get stuck with a bunch of rubble," explained Anderson.

The mall is in a state of disarray. The fence seems to keep the leaves in, rather than the thieves out.

Northwood police say there have been recent break-ins, with people cabling through holes in the ceiling and busting out windows to steal copper.

"That's all got to be taken care of and it's got to be taken care of in a proper way, and that's rather expensive," said Anderson.

It's an expense that seems to be the center of yet another battle between the city and the owners of the Woodville Mall.

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