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Controversial measure would restrict pet sales in Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Toledo City Council is taking up a controversial measure regarding the sale of dogs and cats at retail shops.

The opening of the Family Puppy store at Franklin Park in October sparked anger from protestors who claim the animals sold at the store came from puppy mills.

The measure before City Council would prohibit the sale of dogs and cats at retail shops, unless they are obtained from an animal shelter, humane society or a rescue organization, and only if the animals are spayed or neutered.

"When you start dumping puppy mill dogs into a community, the death rate is going to go up at the local pounds and shelters, and we don't want to see that here," said Jean Keating with the Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates.

Keating says the proposed legislation would send a strong message about how dogs and cats are bred and cared for before they're sold to a new owner.

"Puppies aren't products, these are animals. There's a difference between a living product and a chair," said Keating. 

The owner of the Family Puppy store says he would be forced to close his store if the proposal becomes a law.

Councilman Mike Craig says it would send the wrong message about Toledo being "business friendly."

"The regulation on retail outlets, you can only sell dogs you get from a charity. This is not business friendly. If you want to regulate pet shops, go ahead, but don't make it so they can't do business here," said Craig.

Council decided to keep the proposed ordinance in committee on Tuesday. Councilmen Collins and Waniewski plan to offer amendments before council votes on the measure December 10.

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