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Avoid being a target of the '12 scams of Christmas'

(WMC-TV) - Scammers, especially cyber-scammers, love the holidays.

Everybody's having fun, everybody's loose -- and that's when everybody lets their guard down.

That's when McAfee software security says we are targets for the "12 Scams of Christmas." Here's four of them:

* NOT-SO-MERRY MOBILE APPS. Ads popping up on your mobile phone, suggesting you download holiday shopping apps, some even with celebrity endorsements. They're fakes. Click on them, and you may give scammers access to your device's data or your personal information.

* SOCIAL MEDIA GIFT SCAMS. These show up as ads or phony contests on your Facebook page, offering great deals on gift ideas. Again, it's a bait to get you to download malware on your device or computer.

* SEASONAL TRAVEL SCAMS. From phony travel deal links to "juice-jackers" who download data from your laptop, tablet or smart phone as you have it plugged into an airport charging kiosk, scammers are taking advantage of holiday travel to exploit your vulnerabilities.

* DANGEROUS E-SEASONS GREETINGS. Digital greetings that look like real e-cards, but if you click to read the card, your computer gets a virus. Contact the sender to see if he or she actually sent you an e-card before you take the bait.

Find all of McAfee's "12 Scams of Christmas" here

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